Joy Mongado is an artist from Philippines. Born and raised in San Pedro, Laguna, Joy’s passion for creativity was nurtured from a young age. She would re-draw illustrations from her books thinking it was the most natural thing to do. In highschool, she studied charcoal painting, picked up blogging/webdesigning and got too interested with media(music/films/graphic) which led her to pursue a degree in Fine Arts majoring in Advertising from University of Santo Tomas, Manila.

During her senior year in college, she was part of Team Adversingko which won 2-time over all champion in the tri-media competition at The First Student Advertising Congress. After art school, she designed album packaging and conceptualize music videos for celebrities like Sarah Geronimo, Rachelle Anne Go and FreeStyle to name a few. Having experiences in design, she then went on to the world of advertising. She worked with various brands such as SAMSUNG, JOLLIBEE, MERALCO, UNILAB, FlyAce, A.Menarini and Traveloka. Having worked with these brands garnered her several advertising and PR awards. Joy now works full time as an Art Director for CHEIL Philippines.

Joy is known for her oversized glasses, rusty unruly hair, heavily pierced earrings, tattooed right forearm, oversized layering fashion and love for pandas. When not in front of her workspace, you’ll see her in coffee shops during daytime and drinking alcohol at night.

Krayolang Putol is tagalog for broken crayon. Why so serious? Get your crayon!

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